Become multi-orgasmic, be your sensual sexy self again and experience deeper intimate connections!

The Free 7 Day Sexual Healing Challenge will help you to...

  • Awaken your sexual energy and bringing your libido into a healthy balance. Channel it into the rest of your life so that you can have more energy, motivation and abundance! 
  • Reclaim and love yourself as a super soulful sexual woman and knowing what is deeply orgasmically possible for you to experience!!
  • Experience fuller, longer lasting orgasms and the 7 main types of orgasms all women can experiecne
  • Re-connect you to your body, bringing you into presence during sex so you can feel more touch and pleasure and have deeper, more intimate relationships 
  • End sexual ruts and feeling like sex is 'work' 
  • Heal vaginal numbness and/or pain and lack of pleasure 
  • Heal sexual shame and guilt which is held in the yoni as armouring
  • Embrace self-pleasure and intimacy ('into me I see') as a much needed self-care and connection practice
  • Love your sexy naked body and heal body shame
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